Japan Day 2017

Japan Day 2017

Japan day took place on the 20th of May, in Düsseldorf. This yearly event sees thousands of cosplayers in the city, all to see the firework shows, sumo wrestling, samurai artefacts, talks hosted by the Japanese Embassy and so much more.

Most people come to dress up, though. Some come in full costume, so detailed and realistic that they could have stepped out of the fantasy world they’re representing. It’s insane. Others come with no more than a Pikachu hat and a sign around their necks offering free hugs.


Due to delayed, overfull trains, we reached Düsseldorf a little later than we’d planned. Jan and I were also both still sick, so that put a dampener on our spirits. Still, we bested the crowds and got a few shots that are actually in focus, which means I did a better job than last year. 😛 As a side note here, isn’t it ironic that I’m in the same boat book-wise as I was last Japan day? Ha.

We started off the trip with a lovely meal, then took to the crowds. And there were crowds. Navigating the throng warrants a medal, in my opinion. 🙂 Our last stop was to take some pics of the gorgeous Johanneskirche. Have a look.

And that’s it from me for today. Hope you have a good week.


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