Trains & Tulips in Grugapark

Trains & Tulips in Grugapark

Towards the end of April, we visited Grugapark one day. We found ourselves suddenly alone after our fabulous vacation, and needed some TLC. Hence, the visit to the park. We’ve been to Gruga a few times before, but we’d never seen it covered in tulips. Being nature-folk, you can imagine how much we enjoyed this trip!


Another thing we’d never done was to visit the Oktorail, a miniature train world inside the park. We found super detailed little versions of famous landmarks in North-Rhine Westphalia, including some that we’ve visited in real life. We had a blast.

The irony is that Lizanne would have loved going to Gruga. I mean, it was a combination of her favourite things – miniatures and tulips. 🙂

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