Chillax (My WIP)

Last week, I mentioned the rain being late. Yeah. Not long after I posted that, it came down in buckets. The rain didn’t stop until Friday afternoon, when the weather jerked into spring mode. As in, it went from cool indoors and winter-jacket-cold outside to ‘hey, we’re in short sleeves, please turn off the heating’. I don’t know how long this about-face will last, but for now, the sunshine is great.

BeFunky Collage

For some reason, the weather situation affected me too. I finished the short story edit on Friday, but didn’t write another word for the rest of the weekend. (Total procrastination and zombie-mindset on my behalf.) This weekend was for the family and catching up on some zees. In fact, Jan was the one working for a change. 🙂

Am I totally behind schedule? Hell yes. Somehow, though, in the sunshine and warmth, it doesn’t bother me as much.

Also, Trollhunters. A lot of blame for my lack of work can be attributed to that show and the number of episodes we binge watched. #addictive

I don’t even have a lot of photos for you today. Told you, I chilled this weekend. I’ll be back in the game next week.


This blog is really turning into a look, rivers! ducks! gallery. I try my best. 🙂 The sunset reflections are courtesy of Jan. He’s also responsible for many of the banner photos I’ve been using for the blog in recent posts. Guy’s got talent!

Have a good one, folks!



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