The Rain is Late

Last year this time, we had maybe an afternoon of sunshine every two weeks. The drizzle was constant, predictable like the beat of my heart. Depressing too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of rain. I come from a place where the thunderstorms are legendary, with rushes of rain like waterfalls and crashing thunder like battles in the sky. Hard rain – I love that. This misty, more-like-wet-wind-than-actual-rain? Hate it.

Still, it left its mark. Last year this time, everything was green. Some trees had already started to blossom and the air smelled sweet and earthy. Spring showers (showers, ha) transformed our surroundings to something magical – something Johannesburgers aren’t used too. I mean, Jozi is awesome, but doesn’t have the same amount of trees and forested areas as we do here in Germany.


Now, everything is bone dry.

The rain is late.

It was late in South Africa too, to the point where water restrictions were necessary – still are in some places. In my old home, they’ve had rivers of rain lately, at last, after the dry season continued too long. We see photos of flooding roads and shopping malls now, and dam levels are at 100% in I don’t know how long. But the people aren’t complaining over too much water, that’s for sure.

I’m hoping and praying the Cape provinces will have this same abundance of rain too, and soon, because they’re desperate and fighting fires.

With the late rain, we’ve been able to spend more time outdoors. So, we went for a walk on Saturday, just up to the schloss. I hung out with my family, took a few photos then turned back home. Jan and Kayla went on to have more fun without me.

Looming deadlines (self-inflicted and otherwise) make my hands shake. My husband is awesome enough to realise I need time to work, so he’s making it rain for me. Because, you know, the rain is late.

This little sprinkling in my mind grew words like trees. I made a dent in my personal deadline and met the editorial one. So, when the family came home, I could relax with them. I sat my ass down and built blocks with Kayla, completely in the moment for once. I even felt calm enough to relax with them on Sunday too.

Sometimes, all we need is a little rain. It did a world of good to me.


Have a good week, folks. Thanks for stopping by.




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