A Quick Update

Nothing feels real in my life anymore until I share it here. ◄ That’s healthy. 😛

I had some awesome news this week and I want to share it with you. You know, so it becomes real.


I belong to a writer’s group and they’re releasing an anthology later this year. Submissions opened November 2016, with the theme ‘elements’. I figured I’d submit – a thing that came loaded with first-timer’s angst. I didn’t believe I’d be selected, but there’s nothing lost in trying, right? What can go wrong when your story is scrutinised and poked at by people with much more experience than you?  *Yolandie laughs forever*

Well. My story was selected, along with eleven others. I’m shocked and humbled, and a big part of me still doesn’t believe this is happening. Whoot! Congratulations again to the other entrants, I can’t wait to read your stories! What makes this even more exciting is my cousin and wing-woman, Shants, submitted her story and was chosen too. So, as always, the two of us are in this thing together. Congratulations, lady pants!

The announcement was made yesterday morning, so my day started on a buzz. Then, it got better.

My editor, Nerine, recommended I send my manuscript to her colleague, Cat Hellisen, for a developmental edit. With a bubble in my throat, I did this about two weeks ago.

Now, lemme tell you something about being edited – it’s nerve-wracking. I know Nerine by now, so I’m not as scared of her as I used to be, but my insides still do flip-flops when I send her stuff. Heck, even beta readers are scary. So having a new editor prod at your work? Yeah, it amplifies the stress levels just a wee bit.

About an hour after the Elements anthology announcement filled up my Facebook feed, my inbox pinged with Cat’s editorial letter. I shook when I opened the email, first with fear, then unimaginable excitement. Yes, I have a lot of work now, but the feedback was overwhelmingly positive and inspiring. Between Nerine and Cat, I’ve been given the tools to polish this story into something people will (hopefully) like.

Validation in any form is great for confidence, but yesterday’s events came with a sense of accomplishment – a sign that the work is finally paying off. I can’t describe to you how good that feels.

For now, I have to rethink parts of the story and get that fixed. I’m still going to try my best to be published by July, so watch this space.

I’d like to take this moment to thank everyone for their constant support. I lucked out when my tribe formed, and I adore each one of you. Thanks for listening to me ramble and for always being available to help. You all rock.

But Shants, Tanja and Anschke (she’s on the Tube now!) need a special thanks. You three are the dictionary definition of legendary. Thank you for reading and rereading without question, for the intense brainstorming sessions and for always meeting my crazy with enthusiasm. I love you more than I can express.

With that, I wish you a good weekend!


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