Unexpected, but Fun

If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you’ll know I’m the obsessive type. Whenever I do something, I hurl myself at it until it’s done and I’m exhausted. Then I go into a weird, anti-climactic ‘what the hell now?’ state. That’s what I’m combatting now.

So, since finishing the latest revision of The Physician’s Apprentice, I’ve been focussed on spending time with my family. Because of that, I’ve missed a few days of fanart February, but I’ll make that up with a few quick sketches. Point is, it hasn’t been as rushed for a week or so and I’m actually coping with the quiet.

Our weather has been turning too – this is awesome. One week we were still freezing, and the next was just cool. We actually had some SUNSHINE too. Then, on Thursday, the chill returned. It snowed through Friday night and left us with a frosty surprise Saturday morning. Snowball fights ensued.


People are always asking why I don’t play with Kayla in the snow or *insert scenario here*. Of course I play too! You just don’t get to see me doing it because someone has to take the photos. I guess that’s the mom’s curse, isn’t it? We’re always a part of what’s happening, but never feature in the photos.

Anyway. We went shopping in the snow, because Kayla’s growing like nobody’s business. We’ve been replacing some of her things every month, but before you know it, something else is too tight.

Karneval is coming in Germany, so they had a mini-parade for the kids on Sunday. Kayla wanted her face painted really badly, so we took her to be painted. She refused to let the lady paint her when we finally got to the front of the line, but lucky for Kayla, her mom knows a thing or two about makeup. At home, I whipped out the remnants of my (once majestic) makeup kit, and drew a butterfly on her face. Guess who’s going to buy face paints now.

On to the photos.

Have a good week, folks!





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