Artist Focus – CaptainNutmeg

Artist Focus – CaptainNutmeg

I haven’t blogged about an artist who inspires me in way too long. Considering Wednesday’s post was such a serious topic, I figured I’d share some beautiful art with you today.

I discovered CaptainNutmeg‘s art when one of his/her artworks were featured on DeviantArt’s daily deviations. I totally fell in love with the style, especially since I’ve been easing back into traditional art after my tablet powered down for the last time. *tears*

These artworks make me feel something. I adore the desaturated colours and flowing lines, paired with the uncluttered backgrounds. I hope you’ll like it too. 🙂

Check out his/her Etsy store to get your hands on some of these prints. Also, all the images I’m about to share are copyright to CaptainNutmeg, please don’t steal them. 🙂


You really want to browse CaptainNutmeg’s gallery for more. You won’t be disappointed.

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