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When you tell people you’re writing a novel, they’ll probably react in one of three ways. 1) You’re insane. 2) Ooh, that’s cool! 3) You know, I’ve always wanted to write a novel (this, by the way, is said with the greatest frequency). This post is for everyone in the third group.

I’ve been following some authors on YouTube (because what can’t YouTube teach you) and I thought I’d share some of their stuff with you today.



Two of the author / YouTubers are indie writers, but still have a good collection of knowledge available on their channels.

I’ve been following Jenna Moreci for a long time now and, though I don’t agree with everything she says (she’s 100% a plotter, while I’m a pantser), she has a lot of valuable points and tips on her channel. She’s also pretty funny, so you’ll have a good giggle while watching her videos.

I literally found Rachael Stephen two days ago. She’s straightforward and her videos are well thought out, with the added bonus of her glorious Scottish accent. I’ve only watched about four of her videos, but I’m already hooked and subscribed.

The third author is none other than Brandon Sanderson, and his talks are parts of his writing lectures at Brigham Young University. His lectures are seriously awesome, and have taught me more than I can express. He covers every part of the writing process, from pre-writing to publishing, and delivers his information in such a way that lots of stuff just clicked for me. I cannot recommend his talks enough.

The best part of Sanderson’s lectures is that they’re available for free. You can find the first lecture here. The rest of the videos are available in playlists too, or you can check out the channel here.

If you’re considering getting into writing, his talks are a massive must.

I really hope all of these help you on your journey.

Now, write the damn novel.



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