Behind the Scenes

Hi there, folks!

I’m not doing the Story Cube thing today, because I have some admin to share with you. Nothing serious! But some stuff has been going on behind the scenes, and I want to fill you in.

Somewhere in the last few months, I mentioned on Facebook, Twitter and Google + that I’ve been having some problems with my blog’s service provider. Yes, yes, I know – I suck with social media, so you probably missed it. I’ll try to be better. 🙂

Anyway, my subscription to my web provider is ending soon, so I’m scrambling to get my new website done.

Yay, we’re moving. That’t the big news. Hopefully, this is the last time I’ll have to move providers (even if The Bloomin’ Couch didn’t technically move, it’s still where it used to be :P). The URL will stay the same, don’t worry about that, but hopefully, you’ll be able to get basic extras on the new blog, like email subscriptions.

I’ve been happy here, except for some limited options on the blog, but I could live with that, until it started to get difficult to actually upload my posts. I’ve been looking at other options for a while now, and I’m already in the process to move the website.

The most upsetting thing is that my current web service doesn’t allow the exporting of themes or blogs. So, if I want the posts I wrote on this site over the last year to be available on the new blog, I’ll have to copy them one by one. I’ll also have to fix the links that point to other posts when I export. This is going to be a big task, And whoo, so much fun.

Right. All of this means there might be less blogging for the next two weeks, and that the look and feel of the blog/website may change a little. I’ll keep you updated on the subject.

Meanwhile, I finished a short story this week, that I’m going to submit to an anthology as soon as the beta readers are done. If I do get selected, you’ll know first.

Also, I’m STILL REVISING The Physician’s Apprentice, so that’s my life. It’s weird, wonderful and maddening. Again, watch this space. 🙂

Along with that, I still have that three-year-old and I’m designing logos again! Art is amazing!

And I’m rambling now, so I’ll stop. Have an amazing weekend, folks!


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