Kayla’s Birthday Blog

My baby turned three yesterday, folks. Three. I can’t even.

I baked the cake on Monday afternoon, cleaned the house, wrapped the gifts and then Jan and I decorated the cake in the evening.

We woke up to Kayla bellowing something about her birthday party yesterday morning. 🙂 From there on, it was gift opening, playing, crafts, skype sessions, her friend coming over, cake and waffle eating. We ended the day with a stroll through the city centre and a happy meal – which I didn’t photograph.



My friend, Lizanne, also made a video for Kayla, which you can watch here. Thanks, friend, it’s really special. ❤

Thank you to every person who contributed to making her day extra special. You’re all amazing people and we love and appreciate you all.

Now, this is the section of the post that will be soppy. Please skip over it if you’re not in the mood for rainbows and unicorn sneezes.

Kayla, you are without a doubt, the most special, most spectacular person on the face of the planet. Thank you for bright smiles and sloppy kisses. Thank you for tight hugs and vivid travels to far away places when we imagine. Thank you for each ‘I love you, Mama’ and every ‘Mama, you’re my friend.’ Thanks for cuddles on the couch, hand-prints in rainbow paint on my jeans and quick prayers before eating your dinner (even though it takes an hour to eat four peas). Thanks for hide and seek in all the same places, that concentrated pull of your eyebrows when you colour and the enthusiasm when we read your favourite stories.

Those things make the not-so-sunny moments easier.

There’s no way in the world that I could express what it is you make me feel – and I dabble with words for a living. It comes down to this, though.

Boundless love, little girl, boundless love.

Never lose your whimsy (though in our family, that’s unlikely 😛 ) and always sparkle. Your dad and I adore you. ❤

Have a good Wednesday!



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