My WIP – Tree Decorating and Tower-scapes

We spent Kayla’s first two Christmases in South Africa, but for the one she was 6 weeks old and for the other, just over a year. So I doubt she remembers much. Last year, we didn’t want to make too much of a fuss, because our apartment was still temporary and we didn’t want to buy too much stuff to have to move with. That meant we had no tree. Still, I think she was too young to really appreciate all of the Christmassy stuff.

This year though, Kayla demanded that we buy and decorate a tree.


Obviously, that means we had to buy everything Christmas related. So, on Saturday, we went decor shopping. Honestly, seeing Kay get so excited about the tinsel and stuff, made everything that much sweeter. I’m still cleaning glitter everywhere, but it’s worth it, because her excitement hasn’t dissolved yet.

On Sunday, we met a new friend. Sheri – finally in person after all of us have lived in Germany for over a year. Don’t worry, it was worth the wait. 🙂 We had an absolute blast in Düsseldorf, and finally went up into the radio tower too. Stunning views and good company made for an awesome Sunday. Kay and I finished the day with cuddles in this freakish cold weather and then started eating our chocolate Santas.

And with that smug-looking chocolate face, I’ll leave you today.

Have a good one, folks!



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