My WIP – Where Did Autumn Go?

First of all, I apologise for missing yet another blog post on Friday. I went to my German lesson as always, then received the bad news that one of our doggies in South Africa passed away. I was really sad and shocked by the news, which really just jumbled my mind, I accomplished nothing for the day.

Along with that, Kayla is almost three and Kayla approves of nothing because she is almost three. Good grief, sometimes motherhood is difficult.

Anyway, this weekend went in much the same fashion as our weekends tend to go lately. We met with Mario and Plamena for coffee on Friday afternoon. I totally had ice cream, because, reasons.


After that, we went home and I played Dragon Age. That seems to be my go-to when I’m not feeling like myself.

We went to Essen (the city, not the verb) on Saturday and continued our hunt for a nice winter jacket for the hubs. At long last, we found one. It’s concerning that they’re already hanging the Christmas lights and setting up the markets in some places. Whut? That time already?

I spent the evening colouring in the brand spanking new colouring book Jan bought me, and I watched the last episodes of Firefly. Yes, I colour. It’s an extremely soothing way to spend my time.

On Sunday, we skyped with all the parents and went on a stroll to Schloss Styrum (I’ve blogged about this place here and here).

I’m actually a little shocked, because if you look back through my WIP posts, you’ll see there’s this kind of theme of whoo, it’s hot, and then out of nowhere, we’re in jackets. I feel like autumn didn’t even land this year. Our weather went from 29 degrees Celsius on one day, to 16 the next. Literally. Then, in a week’s time, it just kind of went down. We had no in-between weather this year, and our heating has been on since the beginning of October, a month sooner than last year. I have a feeling this winter is going to be frigid.





Hope you have a good week!




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