Day in Düsseldorf

Hi there, folks. Good to have you back here!

After dashing off to write on Friday, a severe case of writer’s block made my life miserable. I pretty much wrote a few words, deleted them, wrote a few more and deleted them too.

It sucked.

Jan saved the day on Saturday, by arranging a Dad and Kayla trip. While the two of them had a ton of fun at the River Ruhr and Ruhr park, I smashed out over 5000 words. (Sit down, sanctimommies, this was the first time in 3 months that I didn’t spend the entire day with my daughter.)

As a reward for my uber-productivity, we headed to Düsseldorf with some friends on Sunday.


We started at a cute Turkish place for drinks, then did some tourist-gawking at the incredible architecture in Düsseldorf, before we went on to Chidonkey for lunch. I strongly recommend this little restaurant if you ever find yourself in Düsseldorf – it’s awesome. Not only do you get overflowing plates of delicious food, the value for money is astronomical.

From there, we walked around some more and got some nice shots of the Rhein.

A big thank you to Mario, who is turning out to be a great second shooter. Some of the photos included in the post are his. Mario, if you keep this up, we’re going to have to start taking you along on all of our tourist-expeditions. 😛 You rock! And Jorge and Julia, we really need to hang out more often!





And with this final smiley pic, I’m leaving you. Yes, that’s code for *We’re going to have lunch and then I’m going to put Kay down for her afternoon nap and write*. You see right through me.

Hope you have a good week! See you on Wednesday.



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