My Long WIP – After the Rain

Hello there!

Hope your weekend was good. Mine sure was. I didn’t take so many photos, but the family and friends will be glad to hear that this post will officially be Kayla-fest. As any typical mother, there will always be tons of photos of my kid. 😛

Inktober is in full swing, but I have honestly been skimming on the drawings. I’m revising and writing. Focusing on more than one project at a time drives me insane – it’s the reason why I rarely read more than one book or watch more than one series at the same time too. Still, I’ve been drawing in the between moments, and I think the added creative endeavour is good for my writing too. It really does help me focus.



20161001_160119-2A lot of what went down this weekend was related to Kayla gaining height. Her winter clothes are tighter than they used to be, and her feet have to be squashed into her shoes, even though it feels like we bought all of these items just yesterday. So, we went clothes and shoe-shopping. This process is vastly more complicated now than it used to be, because the kid now has opinions. I’m the first to admit that she has more style than I do, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that she can pick out clothes and put together outfits that look like they could come out of a fashion add.

We also went on a puddle-hunting expedition on Monday. The weekend’s rain brought the first real chill of the season, and I’m typing this to you while wearing my first sweater. It smells of my mother in law’s detergent, so South Africa is tugging at my heartstrings.

I’m going to cut my rambling short here, before it becomes too emotional. Photos. 😀






Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be back tomorrow with another post. Right now, I need to ink something. Oh, and by the way, thank you for all of the positive feedback over the website and blog’s new look. I’m glad you all like it. It’s been a while since I was really happy with how things looked on my internet space.

Have a good week.



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