My WIP – I See You

I’ve always had pretty good eyesight, but recently it’s been a mission to read the signs at the station, or the subtitles when I watch anime. Plus, the headaches. I knew it was time to have my eyes tested looong before I actually had them tested, but, you know, anxiety. You can guess by the way this story is going that I finally had the test about two weeks ago.

It’s the weirdest thing, getting glasses. For a few minutes after they put the glasses on me, I struggled to focus on anything. Don’t worry, it worked out eventually. High Definition has a new definition to me now. 😛


20160916_110745Anyway, Friday started with German lessons in the garden. As you can see, Kay had quite a spread of goodies and entertainment – which didn’t keep her from demanding attention every few minutes – while I learned.

The last while, many of you out there have been asking about the lessons and if I’m progressing. The answer is slowly. Ask any German about their language and they won’t hesitate to tell you it’s difficult. But don’t worry, I’ll do a detailed post on this soon.

Our day went in much the same way as a usual Friday, meaning some art, a Nutella sandwich and me doing some writing while Kayla pretended to nap. This pretending to nap thing has become a trend, but at least she can entertain herself with her books and toys in her room for a while. Quiet time for the win.

After all of that, it was time to go to town and collect my new glasses. Kayla dressed to kill for the occasion too. Let it be known that the only part I had in this outfit was doing her hair. She picked out everything herself and also struck a pose for a picture.

My child is two years old and has more style than I do. My life is average.


After picking up the new spectacles, we stopped for an ice cream with Mario.


On Saturday, we hung around in Mülheim an der Ruhr and Essen with Mari0. We had some good food at Alex, walked a whole lot and started looking at gift ideas for the Kay’s third birthday.



We ended the day with some Firefly and the Librarians (kind of like an American Doctor Who knockoff) while enjoying the rain.

Our Sunday plans were changed, because Kayla has a cold. We pretty much lazed about the house, made some art and watched TV between skype-sessions. It was a good, chilled out day.

Hope your weekend was good too!



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