My WIP – Heatwave

You would never guess from the title, but we had one hellishly warm weekend. In fact, all of last week was the kind of weather where your clothes are perpetually stick to your skin – moist and glistening. Yuck.

All I can say is that a lot of ice cream was involved.

On Friday, our landlady offered to look after Kayla so that Jan and I could have a date night. It was honestly the sweetest thing anyone has done for us since coming to Germany and, considering that Thursday was our year-aversary, it was perfect timing. Yes, friends. Kayla and I have officially been in Germany for a year.

This date night was literally the first one Jan and I have had since moving.


Basically every part of our weekend involved water. Friday started with watering the garden. Date night took place at a restaurant on the Ruhr bank. Saturday I chopped off my hair (it was washed, hence water :P) then we went swimming at the Naturbad. Sunday, we went to Darlington Park, where Kay played with water. All of that water still didn’t cool us down enough to stop panting.


We ate at a really nice Italian place, with this image above as our view. Most of all, the light breeze over the water was absolutely amazing.

And yes, there are toddler hand prints on the mirror. I didn’t see them until AFTER the photo was taken. *sighs*




20160827_174916The bottom of this pool had river / sea sand, which is why it looks so murky. Let me tell you, it was pretty cool. Like being in the ocean, minus the salt and waves. Kayla especially enjoyed it, because what’s better than sand and water at the same time? In her book, nothing. Not even Nutella.


We had a lot of fun, if you couldn’t tell. 🙂

I seriously love these water playgrounds in Germany. It’s neat that the kids get to learn and play in this way, and going to the park is free. Coming from Johannesburg, it’s a novelty, because the few parks we had left in SA were so broken down that they couldn’t be used.

Hope you have an awesome week, folks! Remember the story cube challenge and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday.




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