My WIP – Girls’ Day and Legoland

This title is probably a little misleading, because everyday is ‘girl’s day’ in my house. You know, because I stay at home with Kayla and all that. The difference is that we don’t usually have girl’s days on weekends when Jan is home.

Last week from Thursday to Sunday was Gamescom in Cologne and, being the calibre of geek that we are, Jan and I really wanted to go. Unfortunately, they don’t allow kids under the age of three, so Jan went on Saturday, leaving me and the Kayster to our own devices.

And… as always, I’m getting ahead of myself.


Friday went down this way. Kayla wanted to bake banana bread (thanks, Daniel Tiger’s mom) and so came forth our first baking session. It was honestly a lot of fun. With Kay coming in on three now (WHUT!!) she contributes more than just the usual toddler-made mess. She enjoyed baking a lot, so my butt is probably going to hate her newfound enthusiasm. Hey, someone has to help her eat all her creations. 😛

On Saturday, we made binoculars out of TP rolls. My kid is obsessed with pirates and Dora the Explorer, who both have binoculars. So obviously this was something she absolutely needed. A lot of paint, and I mean a lot, later, we had created a thing of beauty. She basically can’t be seen without her new accessory now.

She’s not the only one with a new accessory. The hubs bought a Tardis mug from his geektastic day, specially for me! Woohoo! After dinner I worked on the map for The Physician’s Apprentice, we watched some Blacklist and I played Dragon Age. Yes, again. Mind your own business. 😛

Sunday brought more rain, so we decided to go to Legoland in Oberhausen.  Folks, I don’t have good things to say about this place, so I’ll try to keep it simple. It’s a Legoland that isn’t actually affiliated with Lego. As in, we couldn’t even use our Lego card in the store. Yes, we have a card. The kid loves Lego, what can I say?

Anyway, Legoland was (in our experience) overfull, overpriced and offered too little to do. I can go on a longer rant here, but I don’t want to bore you. Suffice it to say I won’t recommend it to visitors and we won’t go back.

Thanks, Liani, that colouring book is amazing. This is obviously not something I would ever have bought for myself, because honestly, adult colouring books? Let me tell you though, this thing calms anxiety like nobody’s business.

Right. All of the information above will probably be enough to clue you in on the basic contents of the following photos. It’s Kayla-fest. Grandmothers, ready your tissues.






I’ll continue to look for the surface a Sharpie can’t mark, though I’m starting to believe there is none. Man, I love these pens. Then again, that might be the fumes talking after three hours of colouring…

Have an awesome week!


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