South Africa Trip – Recap

South Africa Trip – Recap

Hi there, folks! I am indeed back in the northern hemisphere and back to blogging / work. Of course, before I can get to blogging about other stuff again, I know you want to see my vacation photos and hear about what we got up to.

First of all, I have to warn you that we didn’t really do anything other than be with family and friends. As in, we didn’t go sightseeing or exploring. I mean, we’re from South Africa, so we’ve seen a lot of what Johannesburg has to offer. Also, we wanted to soak up as much time with our loved ones as possible. This means that I tried to be in the moment and experience the moment, without looking at the moment through my cell phone screen.

This means that most of the photos I’m going to share with you today were taken by friends and family. For the most part, you’ll see the faces of the folks we love and little else. But I know you don’t mind. 😀


It was awesome being back, despite the cold. Oh, and being sick for two of the three weeks. In fact, both Jan and I lost our voices, and Kayla was a snotty, vomitty two-year-old for a while too. That sucked. I’ll have a detailed thoughts and feelings post up sometime this week, so look out for that.

Anyway. Photos. This is a collage of our time in SA.

Thank you all for having us. It was amazing seeing each one of you again and our hearts have a dull throb just for you. At least we still have skype. <3


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