Schloss Styrum Aquarium

Since discovering Schloss Styrum, it’s been one of our favourite hangout spots. And of course we had to go see the little aquarium they have there, especially considering we have a kid who is CRAZY about fish.

This little aquarium is open on Sundays and is free to view. So obviously, we’ve been there twice. 😛


The aquarium houses a number of fish, amphibians, reptiles and insects, and runs on donations. Any place with a salamander gains browny points in my book these days.


We even saw a monkey. 😛

I probably won’t post too much from next week onward, as we’re going on vacation for three weeks. I might upload something while we’re there, but all of you know how lax I am when on vacation. 😛 I’ve been in such a chilled mood since finishing the new draft of my book, that I haven’t been doing much of anything really. But if you have a look at my Instagram, I’ll probably post more of the vacay pics over there. 🙂

Have a good day, folks!



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