Visit to Duisburg Zoo

On a sunny Thursday, we took Kayla to the zoo. Duisburg zoo is one of the biggest zoos in Germany and it has a pretty cool dolphinarium and Koala enclosure. Check out the Wiki page for more.

It’s much different from zoos in South Africa, but it was still a pretty cool experience. In SA, the zoos are bigger and tend to have a greater variety of animals. It makes sense, because a lot of the animals are native to Africa.

Don’t get me wrong,  Duisburg zoo still had a good variety of animals. What I liked most is that the enclosures tend to be more open, so you can see the animals easily. The lemur enclosure is completely open, so the animals can run in the trees over your head. Instead of fences, the predatory animals are kept behind glass panels, so you don’t have to strain to see through wire.


They have a lot of playgrounds for kids, as well as a lot of garden routes to stroll along. The Chinese garden is also located inside the zoo, with nice garden nooks to relax and reflect.

I won’t bore you with lengthy descriptions. I think Kayla’s face in the pic above says it all. I will say though the crocodile isn’t real. You’ll know it when you see it.

On to the photos!



We had a lot of fun, but not as much as Kayla. Ever since going to the zoo, her favourite line has been ‘I want to go see the animals.’

Hope you have a good one, folks!



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