First Snow

Coming from Johannesburg, I’ve mentioned before that I haven’t seen real snow before in my life. Sure, there were two occasions, but I’ve never seen enough of it to cover the ground. This is why moving to Europe had me hopeful for some snow this winter.

Of course, it doesn’t really snow in our part of Germany. According to all of the people we know who have lived here all of their lives, it only snows here once every three or four years, and then never for more than three days at a time. This year, the forecasts for snow were few and far between, and the locals never believed it would really snow.

Until one fateful morning.

In the middle of January, we woke up on a sunny Sunday morning, to find the ground covered in snow. Sure, it was only about a finger deep, but it was still spectacular.

It was the first time I’ve ever seen so much snow (pitiful, I know) and it was the first time Kay ever experienced snow too. We had a blast! Jan even built a tiny little snowman. It was awesome fun and we got some cool pics.

Woohoo! What an awesome experience. I seriously can’t wait to see more snow and I know of at least one little girl who would agree. Kayla didn’t want to come inside. She wanted to stay and play. Which, of course, led to tears.

Her favourite thing was to slide and fall onto her butt, then stare up at the sky from her back. She did that so many times that I was afraid her behind would be blue (either from cold or bruising), but thankfully the padding from her snow jacket and diaper kept that from happening. 😛

See you again soon, folks!



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