The 2021 Trailer:

Cara Lenoir knows all about secrets. Her existence is one. To keep her sister, the queen, safe from their monstrous father, Cara hides as Carl Fletcher, physician’s apprentice. It’s either that or die.

But when Nathan Cutter shows up to be her mentor, danger lurks closer. What hope does a physician have against a ruthless killer?

A deadly plague reaps in the slums. A network of spies is closing in on her. Under the Mantle, Cara has nowhere left to hide.


Pointless by Sascha Ende




Purple Bokeh Lights: Video by Tomislav Jakupec from Pixabay 

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Medical Sketches and Notes: Video by Yolandie Horak

Plague Hand: Video by Yolandie Horak

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Guy in Black with Crowbar : Video by Vlado Pitbullgrif from Pexels

Protesters: Video by Kelly Lacy from Pexels

The 2019 Trailer:

Cara should be the queen of Mordoux, but instead she must pretend to be a boy named Carl.

Her father hunts her, and will kill her if he finds her.

She’s trapped with him beneath the Mantle forcefield that isolates the kingdom of Aelland. The only way to elude him is to hide as a male physician’s apprentice, keeping her telltale royal hair covered beneath medical robes.

But when the enigmatic Nathan Cutter takes over her apprenticeship, her secrets could be exposed. Nathan knows surgery, not deception, and certainly not the feelings he starts to develop for his new apprentice. Pulled into an ever tighter web of lies, he must decide how much he is willing to give up for a person he hardly knows.

While Cara’s father tries to manipulate the puppet queen he installed in Cara’s place, a terrible plague threatens to rot Aelland from the inside.

Can Cara and the other physicians find a cure? Or is the only solution the fall of the Mantle, and surrender to the emperor who’s claimed the rest of the Seven Kingdoms?

A Study of Ash & Smoke by Yolandie Horak


Liani & Franco


“Division” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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