The Song of War

Book Two of the Evangellion Trilogy

Crawford withstood the battle, but what of the Catacombs? Where is Eva? Is it possible that she survived? Hunter cannot hope for that.

With the destruction of the Catacombs, those left behind in Crawford are caught in a state of grief. It seems that the rebellion will die with its uncrowned queen, because surely, there is no way those in the City of Splendours could have survived.

To make matters worse, the Five are truly at war, and the anarchists are taking sides. The Exile army cannot survive another onslaught in their current state. So what will they do?

What can they do?

Read the stunning sequel to a novel that has been called ‘An awesome, gripping, sitting on the edge of your seat read.’  and ‘All in all a great book that I’d recommend to anyone.’

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