The Rise of the Exile Queen

Book One of the Evangellion Trilogy

In Beregor, the usurper king has sat too long on the throne. Little is left of the man, who is so augmented that it’s whispered he’s completely been turned into a machine. He massacres, oppresses and enslaves, but not everyone accepts his tyranny.

Eva is stubborn, more than a little impulsive, but loyal and good to have in a fight. She’s also the rightful heir to the throne. This fact, of course, makes her a walking target. Between the high king and the Catacombian queen, she has enough royals plotting her death.

With the aid of her trusted companions, Eva builds up a small army of her own, and soon gives the other royals real reason to fear her. Follow Eva through Beregor as she faces cruel elites and bloodthirsty anarchists, in the name of liberty for all, in Yolandie Horak’s debut novel.

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