I’m happy to share my original FotM artwork!

While I painted them, I imaged I was crafting stained glass windows after the events of the last book, and that these would be displayed somewhere in Mordoux as a tribute.

I’m absolutely in love with stained glass (I blame Beauty and the Beast) and I’d love to create more artworks as the series progresses.

Featured in these images:

  1. Carabelle Lenoir, comfortably invisible in her apprentice robes.
  2. Lance Lawless, sometime before the start of A Study of Ash & Smoke.
  3. Nathan Cutter, wondering about the trustworthiness of his new apprentice.
  4. Seraphine of Aellor, taking a twirl in the ballroom.
  5. Jacques ‘Pointy’ Du Pont, keeping another secret.
  6. Vendla Ahlström, rushing headlong into battle (Creator protect whoever she’s rushing towards).
  7. Varda Ahlström and Blizzard, preparing to strike.
  8. A small ASOAAS windowpane.
  9. A small ATOSAK windowpane.

All above artwork copyright © Yolandie Horak 2022.

Fall of the Mantle Colouring pages.

You can also download this free mini colouring book featuring line art of the narrators from A Study of Ash & Smoke and A Trial of Sparks & Kindling.

Additional Art

Original artwork for A Trial of Sparks & Kindling by Doodleeeeeeeee.

This sketch depicts the change of a certain character in Book 2. 😉


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