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Yolandie Horak can often be found typing away at the computer or nibbling at the end of a paintbrush. When not writing or making art, she spends her time cuddling her daughter and husband, reading, fangirling, or gaming.

She resides in Calgary, Canada, but misses the milk tart and koeksisters she frequently ate in her hometown of Johannesburg, South Africa. She’s a steampunk enthusiast and writes gaslamp fantasy with political and medical flavours. Her debut novel, A Study of Ash & Smoke, was a 2020 Nommo Award nominee.

She has been a passionate blogger since the dawn of time, and updates her blog weekly with art tutorials, her thoughts on writing, book reviews and experiences as an immigrant.

Art Commissions

Commissions are currently open.

As an author, I understand how difficult it can be to help others visualise the images we carry in our heads. For this reason, I’ve worked with multiple writers in various stages of their publishing journey, and have created either digital or watercolour portraits of their beloved babies.

Because the way we picture our characters is such a personal thing, I try to involve the author as much as possible in this process. From descriptions, to minute details, if it’s important to you, I’ll do my best to capture it. I send progress updates throughout the process, so the author can suggest changes as needed.

I offer both digital and traditional commission services at competitive prices, and only artist-quality resources are used in the creation of these artworks. This Google Doc shows examples of my work and has all the general information and prices you might need.

Please fill out the contact form to reach me.


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