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  • The Truth About Weather

    The Truth About Weather

    Immigration changes you in many ways. Big ways, definitely. If you’re interested, I’ve chatted about our experiences, wins, and struggles as immigrants in past posts (find them here). But there are also the small ways. For example, I now have this weird not-Canadian, not-South African accent going. 😅 I think it might be because of […]

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  • Review – Tooli-Art Acrylic Paint Pens

    Review – Tooli-Art Acrylic Paint Pens

  • A Writing Update

    A Writing Update

  • Signs of Life

    Signs of Life

  • Point of View (Podcast Episode #5)

    Point of View (Podcast Episode #5)

  • Pretty, Pretty Books

    Pretty, Pretty Books

  • Bookish News

    Bookish News

  • Writing Retreat to Rocky Mountain House

    Writing Retreat to Rocky Mountain House

  • My Publishing Journey (Podcast Episode #4)

    My Publishing Journey (Podcast Episode #4)

  • A 2021 Writing Update

    A 2021 Writing Update

  • July in Photos

    July in Photos

  • Weekend in Cold Lake

    Weekend in Cold Lake

  • Dedications (Podcast Episode #3)

    Dedications (Podcast Episode #3)

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