Let’s Get Inspired

IDK what it is, but I’m feeling a bit low creatively. It’s like I can only make stuff if someone tells me what to make. It’s that weird low-energy after-anxiety thing that happens.

So, I figured if I needed to be told what to create, I’d best turn to something I know will help.


For me, if it’s written anywhere, it’s as good as chiselled in stone. Lists help me be human. The idea is to write myself a prompt for every day, and just do what the list says. Easy, right?

Since I might not have the energy to draw everyday, I decided on photos for my Instagram. A quick snapshot doesn’t require hours of creativity, just a burst.

Now, I know of a few good photo a day challenges, but I couldn’t find anything that covered May 2021. And that’s the story of how I made my own photo a day challenge. I found inspiration in random old challenges and made myself a pretty list.

Then I figured you might want to join me for this one. This is just a simple list of things you might take pictures of during the month, in case you’ve been sinking to the same creative low as I have. No pressure to do it every day–we have a no-judgement policy around this blog.

By the way, this succulent design is one of those things I had to be told to draw, but I absolutely love how it turned out. The May theme over on my Patreon is cacti and succulents, and my patrons can expect some really cool succulent/cacti printables. April’s theme was cats, and they received a sticker/cut-out sheet and a set of three printable cat bookmarks.

For only $4 Canadian per month, you can join my Patreon family and get one printable inspirational badge, two printable sheets per month (so far, this has included sticker sheets, meal plans, bookmarks, calendars, and colouring pages), exclusive blog posts and drawing videos, and a brand new podcast about my writing and books. The first episode aired today.

Anyway, I hope this inspires you.

Have a good one, folks.



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