So, About Patreon…

I’m reading a book about marketing for introverts. This may sound insane, but this has been a journey of self-discovery for me. I’ve identified the biggest culprit when it comes to why I hate marketing (which is personal) but I’ve also identified a few other beasties.

Maybe it’s a thing in all the former English colonies, but I feel like Sarah Painter reached into my brain and saw the ‘we don’t toot our own horn’ mentality instilled there. It’s right next to ‘we don’t talk about money’ and ‘but do we really want to be successful and have to leave the house for interviews?’ Also, ‘I made this thing, so is it even worth anything?’ Because if I can make it, so can anyone, and home-made stuff translates to craft projects, which are usually worth less than properly manufactured items. Never mind the fact that hand-crafted things actually have MORE value, if only for the time and effort involved in their creation, but my brain just isn’t wired that way (though I’m also the person who pays other hand-crafters what they deserve to be paid for their effort, because their effort is obviously worth more than mine. Ugh).

The result? It’s almost impossible for me to try and sell my products or skills. But I’ve learned a lot (and am learning still). The things I create have value, and I’m trying to allow myself to admit that. It’s hard. Even just typing it here causes sweaty palms, but we’ll get there. Eventually.

So, in the spirit of learning, allow me a moment to tell you about my new endeavours.

I started a Patreon page in January. My patrons get really cool rewards, ranging from drawing process videos to behind the scenes content on my books, printables like sticker sheets and colouring pages, or personalised avatars.

I’m totally open to suggestions, and have already created rewards catered to requests from my patrons, like the monthly behind the scenes writing post and stuff for bullet journals.

The February BTS writing post included the never before seen original prologue of The Physician’s Apprentice, as well as the first scene where Cara and Nathan feature. I have so many ideas for this. I might even write a few Fall of the Mantle short stories and I’m working on a monthly writing-stuff podcast. I’m taking requests!

This is a short example of my process videos. I narrate some of them and play chill music when I’m not talking. This particular video is over 45 mins long.

Well, you can join my Patreon family for as low as $2 Canadian per month.

The first tier, Kit, includes drawing videos and exclusive blog posts. There might also be the occasional freebie, like colouring pages.

Then there’s the Fennec tier at $4 pm. In addition to the exclusive blog posts/writing videos, this one also includes the behind the scenes writing posts, a monthly downloadable inspirational badge, and two monthly printables. Think sticker sheets, meal planners, reading trackers, and more. I’m leaning towards things you could use in a bullet journal, but these printables will also be useful for other projects!

The Artic tier ($8) includes all of the above and two monthly colouring pages.

Then, there’s the Silver tier ($16), which includes all of the above, as well as a monthly high-res wallpaper (for phones, laptops, tablets, pc–whatever) AND a once-off custom design avatar.

The Red ($32) and International Red ($42) tiers include all of the above, but you’ll also receive a monthly postcard-sized art print. Red ships to the USA and Canada, and International Red ships to the rest of the world, postage included.

These were the February rewards.

I’m stoked with how these came out, and my patrons seemed really happy with what they got too. I can’t wait to share some of the other things I’ve been working on.

I’d be forever grateful to anyone who considers supporting my art and writing by pledging to my Patreon page.

If this Patreon thing isn’t for you, though, I’ve got your back. Most of my art makes it to my Society6 store, if you’d like a print, and my gallery is over on Instagram, if you’d like to see what kinds of things I’ve been making.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for your support.


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