A Trial of Sparks & Kindling Playlist

I was a bit disorganised with this, I have to admit. I have this general playlist in which I just dump all of the songs that stir up a certain emotion in me, and I always have this on in the background while I write.

A while back, my cousin suggested I actually share the songs I write to with the 5 avid readers of my books, and I liked the sound of that. So, I wildly created a playlist of the tracks I know I had on repeat for extended periods of time, and tried to sort them in an order that goes with specific scenes as the book progresses.

Since A Trial of Sparks & Kindling debuts sometime this month, I reckon it’s now or never. 😛

I feel I should warn you that you might get some spoilers from this.

I tend to choose things with meaningful lyrics that specifically suit the mood of the scene, so if you sleuth the tiniest bit, you could crack the code of what’s to come. But hey, you’ve been warned. 🙂

I’ve created a page for this playlist under the Extras tab, so if you want to find it again later, you can do that easily. Also, if you have Spotify, you can listen to the whole thing whenever you want.

There are other songs that didn’t make the playlist. I can’t remember all of them for one, but I wrote the book in such a short time that a lot of what happened back then has kind of mashed together. For A Curse of Venom & Scales, I’ve been more methodical and created a playlist from the start, so I’m hoping it’ll be more comprehensive.

Anyway. All of the songs on this list have a specific connection to a character, emotion, or a scene, and I tended to switch back and forth between them depending on who got screen time, what happened, or what mood I wanted to capture. By now, if a song features in my playlist, I’m immediately in ‘let’s write Pointy mode’ or my brain says ‘this is a medical scene’, or ‘bonfire’.

Thanks to the artists for inspiring us. Without music, I reckon it’ll be so much more difficult to write books (or make art).

You can listen to the playlist here, and this is the list of songs in the order they appear.

I hope you enjoy this!

On a side note, just an update. I’m so relieved to report I’m writing again after what has been one of the weirdest wordless periods of my life. I’ve never struggled quite this much to write. But for now, touch wood, it seems to have passed. I’m actually progressing with Book 3 again, which is amazing.

So, I can officially say this again. I have a book to write.


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