7 Easy Tutorials to try During Isolation/Lockdown

7 Easy Tutorials to try During Isolation/Lockdown

With more places around the globe entering states of lockdown, I figure we might as well make art.

I haven’t uploaded a tutorial in forever, because my wrist hurt too much to actually make anything. Now that I’ve regained some range of movement, I’ll get on a few tutorials for you again. So, if you have requests, shoot me a comment or mail, and I’ll get on that.

Until then, I thought I’d round up some of my favourite past tutorials. Most of these are beginner friendly, so grab your art stuff and let’s get creative.

  1. Watercolour Doodles

The easiest and most relaxing of all is a creativity exercise where you make watercolour blobs, let them dry, then make a picture out of each shape. This is a great anxiety buster too!

2. Simple Watercolour Pencil Trees

3. Easy Watercolour Feathers

4. Watercolour Mountains

This is one of my all-time favourites! It looks good in every colour too.

5. How I Paint Auroras

6. Drawing Birds

In this simple drawing tutorial, we draw and paint three birds together. These make excellent gifts.

7. Living on the Veg Cross Stitch

I tried my hand at a cross stitch pattern. It’s not perfect, but it’s fun to make. 🙂

My thoughts to everyone in this insane time. It’s a big change for all of us, but it lifts my heart to see how many creatives are collaborating, offering their creative services in return for services instead of payment, teaching kids for free, and just being excellent humans.

Now, excuse me. I have a book to write.


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