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You know the writing is at that intense stage when I can’t sleep in on a weekend. For the third morning in a row, I was up at 5. On Friday and Saturday, I tried (in vain) to fall asleep again, and finally got up at 7. This morning, I held out until 6, then decided screw it.

I’ve told anyone who will listen that I’m not even human before 8. I stand by this. But then, I’m not really human while novelling.

I’m closing in on 28000 words fast, with 11 complete chapters. I’m starting to worry that this book will end up on the far side of 140k words, but we’ll figure that out when we get there.

Meanwhile, in Friday’s session, I wrote a pair of scenes that go hand in hand and have me fangirling so hard it’s not even funny. Maybe it’s bad writers etiquette to fangirl over your own work, but today I don’t care. I am SO excited.

I’ve also really been enjoying these shorter blog posts. I mean, this is me, blogging on a Sunday morning. Never done that before. 🙂

Have a good one.


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