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It’s been a hot minute, I know. I fully intended to blog at you last week, but then the plague struck again. I tell you, we’ve been sick at least once a month since we arrived in Canada, lucky us. More on this in another post, though.

I used the time away from the blog to clear my mind about it. It’s been a while for me, this blogging thing. Ideas dry up sometimes, especially when you’re dealing with loads of post-immigration emotions. I’ve been working through those and will blog about that too, but this time away from the keyboard has done me worlds of good.

And I really mean away from the keyboard. My computer was switched off and gathering dust all of last week. It’s freeing.

Now, my personal MO has always been connected to rigid schedules. Sometimes, this is the best possible thing. If I know I have to blog on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, for example, I’ll stick to that religiously. The only exception to this is when I announce a break on the blog, or if something unexpected pops up or I get sick, but for years I never missed a single post on an assigned day. On those occasions that I did miss a post, an explanation post always followed soon after. See the opening paragraph today as an example. (Try as I may, I can’t not explain myself. It’s a sickness.)

In this case though, I’ve found sticking to the schedule to be a part of the problem. In my desperation to get something, anything, up on the blog, I wrote about anything that popped up in my mind. And while I like writing opinion pieces and reviews just as much as I like making art and showing you the steps, it seems you folks don’t appreciate the random tangents I’ve gone on blog-wise.

I’ve tried to customise what I write about according to my blog’s statistics, but it’s been a little difficult. You see, a post that is super popular one month will be the least popular kind of post the next. And as my readership fluctuates, my mood is affected and I wonder why the hell I keep doing this.

The answer is because I love it. As a writer, I thrive on the sound of keys clicking as I type. There’s something magical about a white page being invaded by characters. I don’t want to stop, but keeping up with three posts a week when I’m completely uninspired is difficult.

Right now, my mental health is important. I need to allow myself to find my feet again and work through all of the insanity that has been a part of my life for the last two years. Writing is cathartic, but I don’t want to force it either.

So, a compromise. Since I so love my schedules, I’m going to tighten the schedule on the blog. Instead of sticking to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I’ll assign a category to each day, and only deliver that kind of post on the assigned day. But, to avoid writing something only because I must, I’ll commit to two posts a week (more if I feel the need to write about something) and post according to the topic that I write about.

That makes zero sense. Basically, If I post on a certain day, it will be for a specific category. If you don’t see a post on a specific weekday, it’s because I had nothing to write about that fit the bill.

Maple Mondays will fall on Tuesdays. Nah, just kidding. Monday is in the title, after all. Since so many of our Photo Diary posts concern sightseeing in Canada, I’ll add those to Mondays too.

Tuesdays will be for anything with the Personal tag. I don’t know about this yet, but if a Photo Diary post feels more personal than touristy, I might rather share it on a Tuesday. We’ll see.

Wednesdays are for anything that falls into the Writing category. AKA today. Hi!

Thursdays will be for Art. I have some things planned here, but since so many of you want to see more art posts, please feel free to comment requests.

Fridays will be for Reviews or Opinions. I’ve written two posts about my thoughts on TV series and just applied the opinions tag to them, because they’re not really reviews, per se, but since reviews are no more than glorified opinions anyway I’ll group these two categories together.

Again, any ideas, suggestions or requests are welcome. I’m always grateful for any help I get.

Until next time,


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