One of Those Days

Some days, I have zero direction. As you probably guessed by the title, today is one of those days.

I could tell you all about our newest experiences here in Canada: our first Groundhog Day (apparently, we have six weeks of winter left) our first time sledding (photos incoming sometime this week) or our first Superbowl (not that I have a clue how football works). I also had poutine for the first time this weekend, and it was pretty good. Yes, I’ve been living in Canada for four months (FOUR MONTHS!?!?!) and I hadn’t had poutine until the weekend. It’s horrifying, I know.

I could also tell you that I’ve been making art again (more on Instagram) or that I’ve finally started rewriting The Rise of the Exile Queen, like I’ve been threatening to for ages and aeons now. Okay fine, I probably will tell you all about this rewrite, because I’m giddy about it. I also really want to share the art with you – I’m definitely going to make more this month – but I’ll share all of that in dedicated posts, not in a half-hearted one like what I’m attempting now. 🙂

I could tell you about all of the above, but I’m not feeling it. I typed the first four hundred words of a post, deleted them all, edited a bunch of photos, deleted them, and now we’re here. One of those days.

I feel like mist. Low and creeping, thick, but also transparent at the edges. Does that even make sense? I don’t know. Zero direction, remember?

So, once finished with my everyday tasks, I’ve been hurling myself at my Monday tasks. The laundry, the blog, shovelling the driveway (this is an honorary Monday task) and figuring out how I’m going to rewrite that chapter, until I’m done with the blog and actually rewrite that chapter. You see, monotony and routine are my coping mechanisms – my secret weapons against days like these.

While I can dull the heck out of any feelings like fog, I can’t get lost in them. Just writing this little post for you has already helped. I feel more focussed, as if the angst is dissolving.

That’s my message for you today. On days like these, doing one little thing can actually be a big help. Instead of moulding yourself to the couch and gobbling up chocolate (which is totally what I want to do right now) make the bed. Unpack the dishwasher. Fold the laundry. Work on that scene. If you don’t work from home like I do, write the report. Return the call. Fire the intern. Okay, that was a joke – please don’t fire the intern. 🙂

But you get the point. Getting one stupid task done will count major points at the end of the day when you look back on everything that happened.

Moulding yourself to the couch might make you feel better for five whole minutes, maybe even an hour, but at the end of the day, you’re going to feel even worse because you got nothing done. That means tomorrow is already compromised – you’re starting with a backlog of tasks and feelings of failure, and that before you even turn the page on today.

Unite and rise with me, folks. This is a revolution against days like these. Let’s get shit done.



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