Looking for Sympathy.

One of those things people forget to tell you about immigration is how often you’re going to be sick in the first while. We’re thoroughly submerged in the murky waters that involves getting all the known bugs through our systems. Along with some unknown bugs.

I’d forgotten all about this phase, to be honest. We were frequently sick in Germany, almost every time we took the bus or train. Back then, we didn’t own a car, so we relied on public transportation, which means the constant sniffles made sense. This time around, we’re not so reliant on public transport – except for the hubs who uses the subway daily – but Kayla and I haven’t been on a train or bus in months.

Of course, add the school thing to the equation and we have an answer. She brings home every cough and sniffle she can find, passes it on to me, and together we’re good and miserable. And, irony above ironies, Jan with his public transport only gets infected about half of the time.

I had a pretty cool post planned for today, but I’m just too meh to type it out. As it is, the words are kind of swimming on the screen. Unfortunately for you, that means you’re stuck with this semi-passive aggressive lamentation post. Why, oh why am I sick again?

Fine, that was very tongue-in-cheek. I’m just looking for a little sympathy. 🙂

I have so many friends and family who plan to move to other countries in the near or distant future, so this might be a good opportunity to fill you all in on the nitty-gritty. You, my friends, are also going to catch every bug known to man once you set foot on foreign soil. Congratulations. Suddenly, you’re going to need the vitamin D or shrivel, because let’s face it, the sun puts in a lot more face time in South Africa than many of the other parts of the world that South Africans like to move to. Except for Australia, of course. They have plenty of sun there.

And sure, here in the far north, we have the sun too. Thank goodness for that. I’ve seen some footage of the intense storms our friends in Germany have had to endure recently, and let me tell you, I don’t envy them.

The point of this post? It doesn’t have one. I don’t have it in me to think up a point after three days of being a sniffling sloth. I needed to type something for you today (even a stupid whiny post like this one) because the thought of breaking the routine again makes me sweat. 😛

Also, the picture of the flower from my father-in-law’s garden makes me miss the people in SA way too much. Random, I know. It’s apparently one of those of days.

Typing this, however short, has given me the courage to put in the last bit of effort and finish reading the newest draft of my book. I have twenty-two chapters to read today, then send to the betas. Did you hear the crack of the whip? It’s back to work for me.

I hope you have a good day,



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