Vacation Highlights

As many of you know, my parents came for a visit over the month of December. I’ve already shared photo posts of us doing the things tourists do (over here and here if you missed it) but we still had some other expeditions that you haven’t seen.

Since there are SO MANY photos, I thought I’d upload just the best ones to share with you.

We went to Medieval Times again, which is seriously one of the coolest experiences you can have if you visit Toronto (they also have branches in the US). Not only do you get an enormous meal, but the entertainment is totally worth it. Especially if you’re a fan of knights and castles.

We also had an amazing time at Fort Henry to see their special December show, Lumina Borealis. I’m so sad that many of our photos and videos came out blurry and shaky – we visited the show in the delightful -25 degrees Celcius range. Of course, those of us who have lived in the far north for a while now didn’t experience the cold quite as poorly as our South African visitors. 🙂 Seeing different projections of animals and wisps on the walls of the fort, reflecting off the snow and mist was pretty magical, and I’m counting this trip as one of my favourite experiences ever. The interactive light show is incredible, and is officially on Yolandie’s Most Recommended List (which is a thing I need to write and upload to the blog 😛 ).

Then, one day when the temperature rose all the way up to -11, we headed out to the beach. Coming from sunny South Africa, I’ve never experienced anything like a beach covered in snow, with icicles growing where the waves crash. I drew so much inspiration from this day for scenes in novels!

I’m going to leave you with this, my novel is calling. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by! Have a good weekend.



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