Düsseldorf Kirmis 2017

Another weekend, another fair.

Let me tell you something about this one, though – it was huge. Everything is bigger and better in Düsseldorf, right? I almost felt bad for the Saarner Kirmes we’d visited the weekend before.

On a cloudy Sunday, we headed to the city to see the fair. Loud music, delicious food scents, bright colours and the screams of thrill-seekers – this is what the fair was all about.

One thing the Saarner Kirmes did better was currywurst. Unfortunately, we had a pretty bad experience with food at this fair. Still, we had a load of fun.

Like idiots, we went on a ride that soaked us all with water. The resulting cold last week was oodles of fun too. Blegh.

A bit of good news from my side before I wrap this up. I completed the fourth draft of The Physician’s Apprentice on Saturday, and the manuscript is now in the hands of the betas. I’ll keep you updated on what comes next, but hopefully this little novel will be published soon.

Hope you have a good week! Thanks for stopping by.



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