Wild Park Fun

Wild Park Fun

You all know how Kayla feels about animals. Here’s a hint, she adores them. One of the greatest things about Germany is that we can throw a stone and hit a petting zoo. If you’ve been around the blog, you know we often hang around these kinds of places. Around the end of May, we upped our game and took her to this awesome mini game reserve, Naturwildpark Granat.


In the park, you can feed and interact with various animals found on farms, as well as a large herd of deer. The park is beautiful, so even if you don’t care for feeding animals like a three-year-old does, the nature trails are worth it.

Afterwards, we took Kay to this wasserspielplatz (water playground). A lovely cool way to end off a sunny day.

Hope you have a good week, folks. Thanks for stopping by.


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