The Random Post

This is the end. We had a blast, saw amazing things and bonded with our tribe. We miss them terribly. The house is still quiet. Going through all of these photos somehow amplifies that.

But, before I get too soppy, let’s get on with the post.

While I shared all the main events with you, I have hundreds of photos taken on the in-between days. You know, those ones that didn’t involve buying tickets to enter tourist hot-spots. That’s what I’m sharing today.


The main purpose of many of these days was to rest. Our feet were tired and blistered, so we stuck to some of our local haunts. You might recognise many of the places from older posts on the blog. While we rested, I worked on a custom doll for Lizanne. I still wish I’d had more time with Draculaura, but alas, she must stay as she is. 😛

These first photos were taken by the kids. Lizanne and Lorenzo had the idea to give their kids a camera each and see what they came up with. Some of these shots are really cool, despite being blurred. Little minds took great pains to find the perfect angle and their perspective is unique and refreshing.

Cool, huh? I love the fact that many of the frames showcases a finger from the hand holding the camera. Perfection. The grown-ups will have to take lessons from these two tots, but our pics didn’t come out too horribly either. 😛

Oi, you lot! We miss you. Come back already!

Thanks for one of the most memorable vacations of our lives. We’ll always hold it close to our hearts. Next time, we’ll take on Greece and lounge on the beach for a day or two. Love you!

Have a good week, folks. See you on Wednesday.



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