Tulips from Amsterdam

We returned to Amsterdam after a day of rest, but this time, we had a mission. Tulip fields.


We had better luck with the traffic, which was a massive win. 🙂 We also found parking almost immediately – another win. Then, while Lorenzo and Lizanne had some fun at the Amsterdam Dungeon, we had waffles with the kids. When we all met up again, we embarked on our primary mission.

This meant driving around for a while, but we were met with success. Fields and fields of sweet-smelling flowers. I can’t personally testify to the smell part since I was still sick, but a massively enthusiastic Lizanne swears it smelled like heaven. 🙂

Also, these meringues. Folks, you’ve never tasted meringues like the giant ones you can buy at various spots in Amsterdam. If you have a sweet tooth and find yourself in the Netherlands, find one of these shops and indulge. I can also highly recommend the macarons!

This was our last trip to the Netherlands and the start of the last part of the holiday. Our next big trip was to the Beethoven House and Schloss Burg, with some closer-to-home-exploration on the days between. I’ll share the big trip shots on Friday, then do a recap post with all the random photos from the in-between days on Monday. That wraps up three weeks of vacation, can you believe it? From there on, back to the normal post schedule.

Anway, thanks for stopping by. Have a good one!




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