Visit to Maastricht and Aachen

We love these two cities so much, we’ve visited both before. This was our second time in Maastricht, Netherlands, and also our second visit to Aachen, which is a small German border-town. I can highly recommend both.


This was a lazy Sunday trip and would also be the last warm, sunny day we had while the Groenewalds were here.

By the way, should you ever find yourself in Aachen, make sure to stop by one of the Nobis Printen shops. You’ll still buy the best lebkuchen in Germany there.

Unfortunately, I had to skip a few days’ worth of photos since our return to Germany from Rome. I’m sorry about this, but if you’ve been around the blog for a while, you know we’ve lost some of the vacation photos taken by Lorenzo. This also means that I have no photos of the day following this one. I was in bed with a horrible cold, so the others went to Schloss Drachenburg without me.

I’ll be back on Monday with photos from out next trip. Hope you have a good weekend!



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