Rome – Day 4

Rome – Day 4

By this time, we were knackered. Four days in Rome, walking off your toes will do that to you. Having said that, we were still just as in awe of the place as we were upon arrival. Rome, folks. It’s magical.


So, on this day, we made a trip to the Villa Borghese. If you haven’t noticed in the past, we’re park people. Hanging out in nature recharges our batteries like little else does. The kids also had a blast running around, skipping and jumping.

Then, keeping in trend with every other vacation we have, we made a stop at the Bioparco, aka Rome’s zoo. Kayla’s got quite the collection of zoo maps going! We made this trip without the Groenewalds, since Gemma was a little under the weather.

Hey, I even have some of Lizanne’s photos for you! The great photo disappearing mystery of 2017 didn’t impact her shots, so that’s something at least.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope the week treats you well and your Monday isn’t blue.


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