Rome – Day 1

So, Rome.

Folks, you don’t even begin to understand the spell this place has me under. Even now, I can’t get it out of my mind. But then, Venice was amazing, so maybe I should have known how bewitching I’d find Rome.


Thinking about it though, it’s more than just a city here and there. It’s Italy. This place has me thoroughly enraptured. The ancient buildings, the warm people, the cobbled streets, the buzz in the air – I could go on forever. I’ve tried to describe what Rome did to me to others, but the closest I get is the sentiment that it feels like walking in another time.

Anyway. Our travel experience started with a quick dinner at Düsseldorf airport and a late night arrival at our vacation rental. Our first full day in the city coincided with the Rome Marathon – something none of us were aware would be happening. In my mind, the marathon took place in March. Whoops.

Obviously, this meant LOADS of people, cordoned off streets and general chaos with a steady downpour of rain. We even saw some South Africans running the marathon.

On this first, rainy day, we walked around the city streets, ate some good food, and contended with the rain and kids unaccustomed to walking kilometres to sightsee. We were drenched, cold and tired when we got back to our temporary home. Despite all that, it was still a stellar experience.

Have a look at the highlights.

Please tune back in for more photos on Wednesday. 🙂

At this point, I’d like to apologise for missing Friday’s post. Two things happened. One, we had some personal stuff to sort out. Two, I forgot. Getting back into the groove after taking that vacation has me a little stumped. I’ll do better. 🙂

Hope you have a good week!




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