A note.

My Friday posts are really pulling the short end of the stick these days. I apologise.


The last few weeks have been above average difficult in terms of finding a balance between mothering, writing/revising, planning the story for the next novel (which has been seriously altered after getting my editorial notes), managing angst, blogging, doing housework and fitting everything else I wanted to do in February into my schedule – like the fanart. I have two half-finished doll repaints gathering dust too, but I recieved another batch of editor’s notes yesterday, so those dolls won’t be getting faces soon. Sometimes, life just happens, you know?

Basically, I don’t have a specific post ready for today and I’m about to wing it.

I’ve been trying to have my posts written in advance, so I can work on my novel without having to break for blogging. Both are writing, but they’re totally not the same thing. 😀 For some reason, most weeks end up with two posts completed in advance, but the third hanging around, having a Bud, then being forgotten until Friday morning at 11, when I frantically have to jump through flaming hoops to get it done.

When I’m this stressed about reaching deadlines, both personal and editor-given ones, I tend to neglect or forget about other things. Except the three-year-old. She refuses to be forgotten. 😛

People have this strange notion that being my own boss (no, I’m not. The three-year-old is) means you don’t have to work as hard as someone in an office. It’s also something that gets flung at work-from-homers quite often. What do you do all day long? The quick answer is A LOT.

Maybe it’s because I work for myself that I put in so much effort. I have something to prove, to myself and to the world, and that’s my driving force. Writing and publishing a novel I can be proud of is my dream, my passion. I want it so badly and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to reach that goal. Also, I don’t want my kid to look back one day and wonder what her mother achieved. I  want her to be proud of me. So I bust my ass.

That’s probably why I feel so bad about this Friday-fail thing. It’s the same as not meeting a goal or deadline and that’s not a good feeling. You might not even have noticed, but now I’ve shone a beacon on it for you. Whoop. 😛

Now, some of you will say drop the Friday post, don’t work yourself so hard. I can picture specific people as I write this. 😀 That’s going to be a big negative. I don’t want to break my routine again. We’ve talked about this blogging thing often in the past year or two and many of you who’ve been with me from the start will know how difficult blogging was for a while there. I’m getting back into some kind of groove, and I don’t want to endanger that by stopping.

So, all of that was just to say I’ll try to do better. Please, if you have any ideas for blog posts do share. Thank you for sticking with me through all of the crazy ups and downs.

Have a fabulous weekend.




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2 responses to “A note.”

  1. Hi Yolandie! You are a superstar in my eyes by being able to do all these stuff away. My biggest fail is having all these ideas and then start a project that never gets finishes. So you are doing quite well. If you need any ideas: you can always talk about the ever changing problems of mothering and the endless guilt trip we seem to have of not feeling that we are not quite there. Yet, it’s just an idea-you might have talked about it anyway before.


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