Random Vacation Photos

This post is really just a recap of highlights from our festive season. Of course I have about three more posts planned with the official vacation photos, so please be sure to tune back in for that. I just figured I’d share the random photos that mean something to me first.

So, I’ll upload part one of the Munich photos on Friday, even though I do have some pics from our trip in the mix here too.


When we were at home, we spent a lot of time making things. It’s lucky that Kayla loves crafts as much as I do. 🙂 Other times, we met up with friends and visited some Christmas markets.


We set out to Munich on a rainy Sunday morning. It’s just over a six hour drive, but we were all smiles when we set out. The road was mostly misty, with some rainy patches along the way – which made smiley faces pass out. 🙂


This was me being random. The road was long, as I’ve said. 😛 It still made for a cool gif.

The following pics are of the apartment we rented just outside Munich, in a town called Pöcking. It was a lovely little place, with an excellent feature – a fireplace. It was cold, friends, really cold. And, on the first night there, we had a random and unpredicted bout of snow. Can you imagine three South Africans freaking out about the snow, while all of the locals ogled us like we were insane? Because that’s pretty much how it went down.


No, I couldn’t resist a photo of the ‘no peeing while standing sign’. This is a typically German thing. The idea is that gentlemen sit and pee, so as not to spray around the loo area.


Back home, we had a lovely Christmas, the first one we spent without the greater family. It was strange, because the consumerism means nothing to me on this day. In our family, the holidays are spent together, eating, chatting and having fun together. Coming from such a close-knit group, the alone-ness this year felt just a little off. Still, we had an amazing time together, just the three of us. We

Still, we had an amazing time together, just the three of us. We made new traditions and did things with our own spin, which was fun. Lucky for Skype too, because we did get to see all the faces we love.


I’ve taken on a new hobby – doll repainting. This is so random that I can’t even explain it. The things YouTube will recommend when you start watching watercolour videos. Anyway, I seriously enjoy doing these face-ups. I’m on my third now, and the improvement from this first one is staggering. I’m planning to re-do her face too.



We had some sparklers for New Years. Just as pretty as fireworks, but not cruel to animals. I’m planning a post about the fireworks too, so I’ll go more into detail there. 🙂

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I hope your week is going well so far! See you on Friday.


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