Story Cube Challenge – Week 13

Welcome to December! I seriously can’t believe we’re here already.

A writing update from my side – after some weeks of doing barely any writing, I’m back in the game. I have to admit that yesterday was a bad day. I wrote almost 3500 words, but cut them all again when I realised the scene wasn’t working. Oh the joys.

At this point, I’m more than a month behind my personal deadline, which is freaking me out a great deal. Meanwhile, I’ve started editing Exile Queen. When it’s ready and done, I’ll let you know. I’ll put it on a free promo!

Anyway, today’s hero:


And the story cubes:


This is where the challenge started, and you can see week 12 here.

Let’s see if all of us can get some writing done this weekend. 🙂 Have a good one!



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