Story Cube Challenge – Week 12

Hi there!

I could babble about how I’m up to my shoulders in edits, but you don’t want to know that. So let’s just get right into the story cube thing, shall we?

The is our hero:


And this is the story inspiration:


You can have a look at week 1 here, week 11 here and the Pinterest board for the cubes here.

Now, I really am up to my shoulder blades in editing. I’m not officially doing Nanowrimo after all. I’ve pledged to 30000 words for the month, and I’ve written about 3000 of those (not counting blog posts and so on). BUT, of course, as it goes with editing and revision, I’ve cut more than I’ve written. Yay. Will keep you updated on this madness.

Have a good weekend!


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