Exploring in Mülheim an der Ruhr

It’s autumn in the north. For us in this part of Europe, that means rain clouds will roll into our skies soon, and hang around up there until February / March next year. Whoo. It’s already started, a little sooner than last year, but I think I’ve already told you that.

Anyway, with the sun putting in an appearance for a change, we grabbed the chance to be outside on Saturday. So, we met up with Mario in Mülheim’s city centre.

We started with shopping and waffles, then went walking around the Altstadt (old city) and found a great little park too. Fair warning, loads of photos of autumn leaves incoming.

I can’t believe the day started under a cloud of mist.


The fog cleared while we did our shopping, showing blue skies by the time we went to lunch. Thanks again to Mario for playing photographer. Some of these are his. 🙂



So, a note about this. We have these book exchange sites in Germany, and I hear that this is a thing in other parts of the world too. Coming from Johannesburg, the concept blew my mind.

Basically, you bring a book and exchange it for another. It’s like a free, open-air library, which is pretty amazing in my book. Haha. Punny. Anyway, we were sunned to see even a few English books between the others, so you can bet I’ll be visiting this shelf again. (English books are like unicorns in Germany. OK, a bit of an overstatement, but still. 😀 )

As soon as the Physician’s Apprentice is finished, I’m going to put a few in these book exchanges. 🙂






Sometimes, when I post photos of dry fountains, people want to know why there’s no water. In the winter, the fountains are shut off, because the water freezes. This differs from city to city, but we’ve found that most of the fountains are turned off when daylight savings time begins and ends.

See you again on Wednesday!



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