My WIP – Family Time

Welcome back. 🙂

This weekend was spent just doing family stuff and it was fantastic. I didn’t write a single word – not for lack of trying, though – but it doesn’t really bother me. We had a ton of fun just hanging out together.

My German lesson was cancelled on Friday, because my landlady has the flu, which meant extra craft time for me and Kayla. And, of course, the landlady’s illness became the subject of our crafts when Kayla made a ‘get well soon’ card.


While Kayla worked on the card, I worked on my Inktober drawing. I wrote about the Inktober experience the other day in this post, if you’re interested. ◄ The post also includes some of my other current favourites.

At the end of the workday, we met Jan at the station and went to the city centre. We walked around in the market plain for a while, then went for dinner. Europe in the autumn is pretty spectacular.

Anyway, somewhere after we got home, I realised that I’d forgotten to blog on Friday. I’m so sorry about this, I got caught up in writing. Kayla has a cold, so when she had her afternoon nap, I parked in front of the computer, revised some of the chapters I’ve added and typed up a storm, right through my usual blogging time.



We went shopping on Saturday. For a change, we didn’t need to buy anything for the little madam! I got a lot of craft supplies for some of the projects I have lined up with Kay. Then, lo and behold, we shopped for some winter’s clothes for us! The ADULTS! Brace yourselves, something may be coming because of this.

We rounded off the trip with waffles for lunch. I realise Venizia is becoming our personal hot spot, when I go through my WIP blogs.


I usually get my best writing done in the evening, when Kayla is in bed and the hubs is gaming. This weekend, not even Smarties made the words come. I’m not a believer in writer’s block, not really. I’ve been in situations before where I’ve been utterly uninspired and still managed to write SOMETHING (or make art).

But I do believe that the lack of inspiration does have the power to make you feel like a complete failure / loser, and THAT makes it impossible to get some writing done. Unfortunately for me, that exact feeling struck on Saturday. So.

I’m glad to tell you that it seems to be broken this morning, and I’ve already put out a few hundred words. 🙂

Sunday brought much better weather, with Saturday’s drizzle stopping and the sun putting in an appearance. This time of year, good weather can’t be ignored, so we went to Ruhr park and had a picnic on the riverbank.





We picked up some coloured leaves for a picture and we headed home, to find swarms of ladybugs against all of our windows.


Have a good week!



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