Story Cube Challenge – Week 10

Hi there!

I’m happy to report that I’ve broken the 10,000 word mark for this week. Coming up for air to type this post feels strange, as if I’m going to be struck by lightning for doing anything other than work on my book. This isn’t even really coming up for air, because I’M STILL TYPING! Good grief, I’m strange. I think this is the problem anyone with a naturally obsessive personality will face. And also, that obsessive personality is going to make me hurry this, so I can get back to work. 😛

So, this our hero this week:


And this is our story:


Right, now for all the links. Last week’s cubes are over here, week 1’s cubes are over here (you can follow the links to all the weeks from there on out) and here’s a Pinterest board with all of the cubes,

I’m also Inktobering amidst all the insanity. Have a look at my Instagram for more. There’s even a little hint of what Cara, the protagonist in the Physician’s Apprentice, looks like. Oooh, how sneaky of me to upload it there first. 😛

My hands are starting to shake now, I need to get a writing fix in. And probably coffee.

Have a good weekend, folks!



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